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*Ma's Kitchen * Indian Home Cooked Meals + Salmon Special *

Ma's Oakland Kitchen, 826 60th Street, Oakland, United States

08 Aug, 2021
08 Aug, 2021

Date and time

Sun, 8 Aug, 12-2 am

u2605 Delicious Immunity u2605  Indian Home Cooked Meals + Salmon Special u2605 East Indian (Bengali) Meals for Pickup, prepared with love by Ma (Roke's Mom) using immunity boosting Indian spices (Chicken/Vegan/Fish)
About this Event

Ma (Roke's Mom) will be cooking up East Indian (Bengali) dishes for you to pickup on Saturday August 7th!

* According to WHO, the top 5 spices to increase immunity are Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Clove and Black Pepper. This meal includes dishes delicately spiced with all 5 of them and more. *

She brings 55 years of  experience from cooking large meals in her kitchen in India. This is a rare opportunity to savor Home cooked East Indian (Bengali) food. "Indian Food" available in restaurants in the Bay Area, is primarily either North Indian or South Indian food. East Indian Bengali food has not yet been commercialized much here in USA, except for some places in New York and L.A.

Both Ma and Roke are fully vaccinated. Food will be prepared, packaged, and ready for pickup following strict Covid-Safety guidelines.

The Meal | Gluten and Dairy Free - Vegan Option available

  1. Daal [ Hearty dish of lentil with turmeric ]
  2. Bandhakopir Torkari[ Traditional Cabbage Dish with ginger and panch phorone ]
  3. Murg Kali Mirch[ Delicately spiced popular Chicken with black pepper, cinnamon, clove, and Cardamom ] #OR# Paneer Pasand [ Delicately spiced Tofu with Bell Peppers using black pepper, cinnamon, clove, and cardamom ] - VEGAN OPTION
  4. Chutney


* Ma's Special * Mustard Turmeric Salmon *

This time, Ma will be cooking my most favorite fish dish, organic Fresh Salmon tenderly cooked in turmeric and with a dash of mustard oil brought from my village in India. This dish is available for pickup as a separate option.


If you need to schedule a pickup outside this time please let us know. Also - please text us 15 mins before you wish to pick up your food.

Phone: 510.681.9740

Email: bhadracreates@gmail.com


Food is an integral part of Bengali culture. Be it a festival, puja or a wedding, cuisine plays a major role in the celebrations. Bengali cooking has mostly been nurtured in households and families and the dishes are carefully prepared as per recipes handed down through the generations. Bengali cuisine is unique in its use of subtle spices and flavors and what predominantly assists it to stand out is this selective use of spices. The seasoning for each preparation is unique. Bengali style of cooking is simpler than as perceived by most people. It is one of those styles where grandma's way of preparing is the best way to bring out the most authentic flavor.

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