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2 Day Kundalini Awakening, Mill Valley California Dec-18/19

Ralston White Retreat, 2 El Capitan Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941

18 Dec, 2021
18 Dec, 2021

Event Details

 Sat, Dec 18 at 8:00 AM(PST)

Psycho-spiritual and yogic processes

This two-day retreat is an opportunity for you to awaken to a new level of experience that brings clarity in decision-making, peace, happiness, effortless productivity, and a well-balanced lifestyle.

Sri Poornaji will use the following proven tools and methods from the Science of Oneness to help participants achieve cognitive breakthroughs and awakening experiences:

* Yoga Kriya techniques

* Pranayama

* Meditation

* Powerful contemplation exercises

* Transmissions from Oneness


The retreat experience is designed to help you:

* Attract what you need for an ultra-fulfilled life

* Discover the secrets to happiness and success

* Eliminate blocks to your personal and spiritual growth

* Execute worldly responsibilities with ease

* Manifest your true desires through connection with Oneness

* Receive transmissions and achieve deeper states of awakening

* Radically reduce your unnecessary thoughts

While no prior experience is required, those with a consistent spiritual practice (regardless of spiritual tradition) will gain the most benefit from the retreat. The entire Ralston mansion, which is located on 43 acres near beautiful Mt. Tamalpais, has been exclusively reserved for this weekend program. We expect to host 20-25 seekers in a personalized setting of continuous awareness and merged consciousness in the sanctified space.  Sri Poornaji will distill the science of oneness breaking it down into a series of sessions where the participants will be taught techniques and yogic processes to awaken their higher consciousness and initiate them into practices that have been passed on by Guru Parampara tradition since their inception. 

Note: Advance Registration Guests Only.

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