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QA (Automation/Manual) Hands-on Training with Job Placement + Free Internship

29 Feb, 2020
Teklabs in Texas, TX provides QA training with quality assurance certification for beginners and advanced level students also get Software Quality Assurance trainin g course materials.
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QA Automation Selenium Project Workshop.

Why Fake or use Tech support when you yourself can do easily when you join our hands on QA Automation Selenium Project Workshop.

This workshop is tailored for teams who want to seriously start looking at automating as much as possible on their projects at clients place. This workshop provides a quick hands-on experience to all the activities that typically take place. This is a 100% hands-on workshop where participants will setup and configure various servers and frameworks typically required on a project.

Technology Stack: Selenium 3.0 WebDriver, Selenium Grid 2, TestNG 6.10, Maven 3.6.0, SVN 3.0, Jenkins 2.10.2, Eclipse 4.10, Java 1.8.0, Hybrid Driven Framework.

*Why wait... come attend this workshop and get hands on experience *

Training will be provided by our experienced and certified QA professionals in the respective fields. Training will include exposure to real time work environments and will also prepare you to attend interviews confidently. You do not require prior programming or software knowledge for any of the courses listed. We give you an excellent opportunity for enhancing your career in course of your choice. Each training module in IT consulting and training is specially designed so that by the end of the course you will be ready to face client interviews.

QA Training Curriculum
Excellent QA training on both Manual (Web/Mobile/Client-Server) and Automation testing using Selenium WebDriver/Grid/TestNG/Java/SVN under Data-Driven Framework, and JIRA (Test Management/Bug Tracking Tool) with other QA tools by a professional with 18 + years expertise in IT Industry and 16 + Years QA Teaching Experience.

High Level QA Training Schedule

QA-101: Software QA Manual Testing (Web/Mobile)
QA-201: Automation Testing (Java Programming)
QA-202: Automation Testing (TestNG Framework)
QA-203: Automation Testing (Selenium 2.0 WebDriver)
QA-204: Automation Testing (Selenium Grid2)
QA-301: Test Management / Bug Tracking Tool: JIRA
QA-401: QA Interview Preparation (Resume/Mock Interview, FAQ’s etc)

Course Duration

6 weeks course, 3 days per week, 3 hrs a day, total 9 hours per week.
20 hours QA project work.
Free - Demo Training available for interested students

IN-CLASS QA Training

We offer in-class QA training in our corporate office in Bay area CA.

ONLINE QA Training

We offer online QA training through powerful GOTOMeeting Conferencing.
Prerequisites for Online QA Training: Computer with Speaker Phone.

Course Outline:

Concepts of manual and automation testing. Mobile Testing, Web Services/API Testing. Both Black box testing and White box testing.
Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)
Application testing and product testing, Web application testing and Different types of testing.
Database testing. (SQL Server and Oracle including RDBMS concepts). In-depth coverage of automation tools: Selenium 2.0 WebDriver with Java/TestNG/SVN
Framework Design and Implementation using TestNG & Data-Driven Framework
Java programming for Selenium automation
Fundamentals of C++, UNIX and Shell scripts, QA related tools like XENU, VNC, VPN, Cloud. Various bug tracking systems like JIRA/QC
Complete QA release process (Manual E2E Testing & Automation E2E Testing Process). QA project work for both manual and automation testing
QA Interview preparation / FQA’s session


Over 18 Years of QA experience with real time projects in US
16 + years of QA training Experience
Certified QA instructor in Brainbench QA, ITIL (best practices) and Agile (Scrum Master). Trained over 1550+ QA students.
Live project facility and Real-time examples that apply to your everyday QA job.
Complete QA training materials (no need to look for other materials)
Required material will be supplied for interview preparation
All real time testing exercises will be discussed and Real time projects and hands on experience.
Cost effective training and unlimited usage of resources Lab and facility
Comprehensive Training Material provided in Yahoo Groups / G Drive.
You will learn and work on your first QA project during the QA training.
Assignment will be given at the end of each session.
Assistance will be given for excellent Resume Preparation
Assistance given for QA placement. We shall provide enough guidance to you until you get a project and extend our help when you are on project.

Selenium Automation Course Outline

1. Selenium Introduction

2. Selenium Setup (WebDriver/RC/IDE):

3. XPath for Selenium

4. TestNG for Selenium

5. TestNG Annotations

6. Batch Test in TestNG

7. SKIP test in TestNG

8. TestNG Data-Driven / Parameterizing Tests

9. TestNG Assertions / Reporting Errors

10. TestNG Error / Exception Handling

11. Selenium 2.0 WebDriver Introduction

12. Architecture of Selenium WebDriver

13. Create first Selenium WebDriver program in Eclipse

14. Cross browser testing using Selenium WebDriver

15. Firebug and Firepath Setup

16. X-Path/CSS Selector

17. Data Driven Test using Selenium WebDriver

18. Selenium WebDriver Scripts

19. Frameworks with Selenium

20. Selenium Data Driven Framework

21. Selenium Hybrid Framework

22. File Handling, Log4j, /Handling XLS,XML files

23. Reading/Writing Text Files, and Properties File in Java

24. Log4j API for Logging and usage of Log4J in Selenium

25. Reading data from XLS/XML files using Selenium WebDriver/Java

26. Subversion (SVN) Setup

27. Apache Maven Setup

28. Selenium Grid

29. Jenkins, GIT, GITHUB Integration

30. Selenium Live Project Based on Data Driven Framework

31. Assignment/Exercises / Interview Questions / Tips


QA Manual Testing Course Outline

1. Testing Fundamentals

2. Seven Fundamental Principles of Testing


4. Software Testing Life Cycle - STLC

5. Dev vs QA vs Staging vs Production Environments

6. Entrance & Exit criteria

7. QA Test Strategy

8. Software Testing Techniques

9. QA Test Estimation

10. QA Test Plan

11. QA-Test-Cases and QA Test Data

12. Levels of Testing

13. Types of Testing (~40+: Smoke Test, Integration Test, Regression Test, Configuration Test, Section-508 Test, I18N, L10N, Alpha/Beta Test, E2E/System Test etc.)

14. QA Defect Bug Report

15. Requirement Traceability Matrix (RFT)

16. OS/Browser/Device/MatrixForWeb-Mobile-App-Testing

17. Test Environment / Test Bed & Release Notes

18. Web-Application-Testing

19. Mobile-App-Testing

20. QA-Roles-Responsibilities and QA-Org-Chart

21. E2E-QA-Release-Process

22. Role of QA during the course of SDLC

23. Role of QA during the course of QA Life Cycle (STLC)

24. Test Methodology & AGILE

25. Software Process Development Models

26. Test Closure Activity

27. QA Test Summary Report

28. End to End Release Process

29. Software Architecture (Environments)
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