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Womens Wellness Conference by Narika

Hindu Community and Cultural Center - Shiva Vishnu Temple, Arrowhead Ave California, Livermore, CA 94551

12 Oct, 2019
12 Oct, 2019

The Narika Women's Wellness Conference is a half-day event that focuses
on providing women with the tools & resources to help them achieve
wellness through awareness.
This day is dedicated to nourishing
our mind, body, and soul, and strive to spread awareness and exchange
knowledge on Physical and Mental Well being, Personal Boundaries and
Safety, and Natural Self Care.
Participants will gain the knowledge to:
Encourage mindfulness and self-care through Yoga
Adopt personal safety strategies
Ignite their passion for wellness
Seek help through professional resources
Have a sense of community & belonging
we gather likeminded women, we are encouraging them to inspire one
another, be mindful in the pursuit of self care and to set safe
boundaries. We are starting a movement to rise up together to bring
awareness to this matter in a powerful way.
Narika is deeply
committed to helping women make safe choices, every day. We envision a
dedicated community of women that are transformed and inspired by
educational hands-on workshops, creative and wellness demonstrations,
and professional resources.
There will be snacks and swag available during the event.
Stop the stigma, build community, and find power in your words. Reserve your spot today!

On Saturday 12 Oct 2019 at 11:00 AM


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