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Spiritual retreat with Yogiraj Siddhanath - Kundalini Kriya Yoga - Pasadena, CA 2019

Hilton Pasadena, 168 S Los Robles Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101

14 Jul, 2019
14 Jul, 2019

Pasadena Kundalini Kriya Yoga Workshop

Fully Enlightened Himalayan Master
Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath gives initiation and empowerment into the
sacred science of Mahavatar Babaji’s Kundalini Kriya Yoga of the Nath
lineage. Learn this Divine Science of Kriya Yoga, the true essence of
Yoga. Kriya Yoga as taught by Yogiraj is coined by him as the "Lightning
Path" and "the Alchemy of Total Transformation." This yogic practice
surpasses all paths and is so perfected that it contradicts none. It is
compatible with all practices. It is rightly called the "Science of all

On Sunday, July 14, 2019. 6pm. Pasadena Hilton.

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