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SMAP Shiv Jayanti Celebrations

Orchard School - Multipurpose room, 921 Fox Ln, San Jose, CA 95131

29 Feb, 2020
29 Feb, 2020

On Saturday Feb 29 at 5:00 PM

Grand Shiv Jayanti Celebration

Unity and Leadership beyond boundaries

Sign up for Fort making competition for Kids Age 8-20 http://bit.ly/FortCompetition

4pm-5pm:  Networking / Tea & Live Drama from Los Angeles

5pm-6pm Welcome address & inspirational speeches

6pm-7pm Dance performances, presentations and competitions

7pm-8pm Dinner and Conclusion

SMAP Goals:

Develop network of leaders in various fields

Promoting unity

Serving community by helping unfortunate ones

Establish leadership centers to inspire, develop & nurture future leaders

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