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Mystic Meditation Retreat with A Mystic

27680 Vista Bahia Way, CA 94542, Hayward, CA 94541

14 Jun, 2019
14 Jun, 2019

About Baba Ji

Baba does not need any formal introduction as all
the OSHO lovers know his charismatic presence but still those who
unknown about him. In one word he is a “Mystic Saint”
Baba had been
Osho sannyasin (disciple) since 1977. Thirteen months after taking
sannyas (initiation to be a disciple), on August 21, 1979, doing intense
Dynamic Meditation, one day while sitting with friends he experienced-
“The Happening” which over a short period of time blossomed into

He has been showering His Love and blessings with
all Osho lovers for over 38 years in meditation camps across India &
abroad. Even today, Baba spends some of his time in his Ashram in
Raajpipla, Gujrat, India besides traveling to Europe, America, and
Australia where he holds meditation camps. When you get to know Baba you
will find there is nothing better than to sit in silence with Him.

In his own words,
is not fixed, it is like a river continuously flowing. You are just a
witness; watching it flowing, knowingly or unknowingly. And if you watch
the flow knowingly, you are liberated." Baba

Fees: $225 (USD) (All 3 days participation)
$150 (2 days participation)
$100 (1 day participation)

- Participating in Mystic Meditation retreat.
- Breakfast, tea with light snacks.
- Two delicious vegetarian meals per day.
How to enroll your participation & payment
1. Please send a message to organizer with your email id in it. We will send an email with the registration & waiver form.
2. Fill up the form and email back to us.

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