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Breathe, Meditate and Be Happy

Art of Living Fremont, 555 Mowry Avenue Suite #C, Fremont, CA 94536

17 Apr, 2019
17 Apr, 2019

Discover the Easy, Effective Approach to Meditation Through Breath, That’s Helping Millions Around the World!

In this session you will experience and get insights into the following:

Mind Mastery: 
Get insights on how to stay skilfully peaceful and positive, even through challenging times.

Breathing Techniques:
Get introduced to the science-backed breathing techniques to boost your energy, calm your mind and reduce stress.

Unique Guided Meditation:
See how to fully relax and let go, even if meditation has never "worked for you" before.

This session serves as an introduction to the Art of Living's
Happiness Program - our flagship course that dives deep into the power
of breath. You will get a chance to sign up for the Happiness Program at
this seminar.

Many people tell us they find it hard to make time for meditation,
and when they do try to meditate, they struggle with quieting their
mind. Save yourself years of struggle.

While meditation can be easy, it’s very subtle, and not something we recommend trying to learn on YouTube.

This powerful session will introduce you to the tools that quickly
reduce stress and anxiety, find peace within, and stay calm and focused.

RSVP @ https://www.eventbrite.com/e/breathe-meditate-and-be-happy-tickets-60246759680

Leading Publications & Experts on How The Art of Living is Changing Lives http://bit.ly/media_about_us

You may reach us at (510) 730-0265, or write to us at fremont@us.artofliving.org

On Wednesday 17th Apr 2019 at 7:30 PM

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