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25 Jan, 2019
We make it easy for business to make a big impact online. We do all the work and you get all the advantages of having an experienced digital team working to grow your business. Business Analysis

What is Business Analysis?
Need for Business Analysis Guide?
Advantages of Business Analysis
Roadmap to perform Business Analysis

Business Analysts

Fundamentals of Business Analyst
Boot Camp
Modeling Techniques used by Business Analysts
Basic elements of SDLC (System Development Life Cycle)

Intermediate Modeling

What is Logical Data Model?
How to build a Logical Data Model?
Designing a Business Process
Business Process Analysis Guidance
Questions arising during Business Process Analysis
Object Oriented Business Analysis
Object Oriented Business Analysis & Design with Unified Modeling Language (UML)
What is BPMN (Business Process Model & Notation)?
Using BPMN for Business Process Modeling

Elicitation Modeling

Managing Requirements to address the need
Use Cases and Material/ Requirement Developments
Final Elicitation of Requirements

Enterprise Business Analysis

What is Enterprise Business Analysis?
System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for Enterprises
SDLC Boot Camp facility
Business Architecture of Enterprise Business

Advanced Business Analysis Topics and Important Concepts

What is Workshop Prototyping?
Workshop Prototyping for Business Analysis
What is JAD (Joint Application Development)?
Designing JAD Workshop for Business Analysis
Guide to Identify the requirement risk
Controlling measures to address the requirement risk
What is BACOE (Business Analysis Center of Excellence)?
Establishing BACOE in an Organization
Maintaining BACOE and facility of an organization
Business Case Development for IT and organization
Effective Work Plan & Presentation (PPT) for Business Analysis

Business Analysis - Special Concepts

What are Agile Projects?
Business Analysis in Agile Projects
Agile Requirements
Collaborating Agile Requirements
Communicating with Agile Requirements
How to write better requirements and material?
What are skills required to write a better requirements?
Excel Power Skills
Business Analysis Technical Writing
Boot Camp for Big Data Concept
What is Data Analysis?
Boot Camp for Data Analysis
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